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The IOTV provides the ability to don the vest in two ways. The first is to simply place the vest over the head and pull down, and the second is to remove fasteners on the wearer's left shoulder, sliding into the vest to the right. To complete the procedure for both methods the wearer then lifts up the front panel of the vest and fastens the waistband, which takes the weight of the vest off the shoulders somewhat, and then fastens the side protection modules. A key design feature for the IOTV is that the entire armor system is able to be released with the pull of a hidden lanyard. The armor then falls apart into its component pieces, providing a means for escape in case the wearer falls into water or becomes trapped in a hazardous environment. The hidden release lanyard also allows medical personnel easier access to the casualty, which was one concern that was not addressed with the old Interceptor armor. It also features a grid of PALS webbing on the front, back, and sides for the attachment of modular pouches and accessories. In the following attached photos you can see the IOTV's various components (included), how it's to be worn, a picture of the one being sold. Soft armor is included but can not be seen. Can not sell plates to consumer. This particular protection system has never been used, therefor it's clean and mechanically sound. A FANTASTIC holiday gift for gun enthusiasts, preppers, or anyone seeking upgraded protection. This is a SMALL SIZE IOTV, which fits slim and athletic built people of any height under the weight of 180 pounds comfortably. If you have any questions please contact seller at 859-421-xxxx by text, if call leave a voicemail w/ contact information to recieve a reply, or respond to this post. I am willing to give purchaser a breakdown on how to use the IOTV, break it down, as well as piece it back together. I can not guarantee any protection or provide warranty for this product. Sales are final and merchandise is sold as is.